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All About After-shave Skincare

We all shave our face one way or the other. However, we forget that continuous shaving can cause irritation, redness, etc. But shaving should not be causing all these, hence, after-shave was created. So, what is after-shave and why do we use it?

What is After-shave?

After-shaves could be liquid, lotion, or gel which is designed to be applied after a one shaves his face to soothe chafed skin. It is known to help prevent infections that arise from any possible minor nicks/cuts on the face after shaving. It locks in moisture and helps defend the skin by keeping all unwanted elements out. When skin is not in peak condition, it can cause the look of aging; to combat this, it’s so important to prepare your skin before your shave and to treat it after you shave.

A good after-shave skincare usually consists of conditioning agents to aid moisturisation; humectants that helps to draw moisture from the environment into skin throughout the day; antioxidants (like Vitamins A, C, and E) which protec…

Men’s Skin Cleansing Products

By Expert Cole Patterson
In the past male grooming products included the particulars to barbering and shaving rather then male face care. Today male grooming products have expanded beyond the basics of barbering and shaving it has jumped right into skin care products for men. Before now there were limited options for men to care for their skin yet due to the growing niche the demand has created a buzz throughout the beauty industry for skin care products that cater to men. With so many options available now the range of skin care products has become overwhelming for men to figure out what to use. A basic regimen should include men’s cleansing products are is a multi -action face that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates both the skin and facial hair follicles to help facilitate a better smoother shave.
For male face care multifunctional products are more beneficial because they target a man’s skin considering his daily shaving routine for pre and post regimen.
Super Effective Skin Care Tips for Men
Skin care is a very important part of a human’s life - male and female. It helps to ensure your body remain at its very best. And when we say skin care, we are not talking about simply washing your face with soap and drying it with towel - Its way more than that. So, if you are the type who wakes up in the morning, wash your face with soap and water and set off to work, then it’s time to up your game!
We are not suggesting that you place yourself on some medications. However, we do recommend some commitment to practicing these few skin care tips:
Wash your Face with Good Cleansers: This looks straight forward. But it’s either you are doing it wrong or not doing it at all. Men are guilty of using harsh soaps when washing their face after a nice shave. Gentle cleansers like the Bamboo Charcoal Konjac will help wipe away hair and calm irritation, keeping the skin revitalized.
Avoid Using Cheap Razors: Investing in quality shaving razors cannot be over e…